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EDSE 3500 - Knowing and Learning in Mathematics and Science

Knowing and Learning is TNT's educational psychology course. This course serves as an introductory educational theory course. Knowing and Learning is not designed to be a general "survey" of theories on mathematical and scientific knowing and learning, nor does it present the curriculum from the sole perspective of educational psychology. Rather, this course focuses on secondary mathematics and science education from a "learning science" perspective, which draws from insights into such fields of inquiry as psychology, anthropology, critical literacy, sociology, biology, linguistics, neuroscience, philosophy, developmental theory, artificial intelligence, and the domains of mathematics, science and computer science proper.

The primary goal of Knowing and Learning is to help students identify which theories resonate with them. TNT is committed to the idea that practice and theory build upon each other. Any teacher's practice is guided by some mixture of theories, whether implicit or explicit, on how students learn. TNT encourages its students to be thoughtful and reflective practitioners. Educational theory is a useful tool for organizing and animating TNT students' thinking and sense of creative possibility throughout their professional development course sequence and over a lifetime of teaching mathematics and science.


Admission to the Teach North Texas program, a university grade point average of at least 2.50, and TNTX1100 (may be taken concurrently) or consent of the Teach North Texas advisor.

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