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Concept Statements:

  • Enzymes are proteins that catalyze enzyme reactions.

  • Enzyme efficacy is influenced by nonspecific variables (i.e., pH, temperature, and concentration).

  • Enzyme inhibitors (i.e., organic chemicals, inorganic metal, or biosynthetic compounds) reduce or completely inhibit enzyme catalytic action via interactions with the enzyme active site.

Lesson PlanPowerPointConcept Map DNA

Concept Statements:

  • The genetic code is in DNA.
  • DNA provides the template for DNA replication.
  • Nucleotides are the building blocks of DNA.
  • Enzymes facilitate the synthesis of DNA.

Lesson PlanPowerPointConcept Map RNA

Concept Statements:

  • mRNA is the intermediary that carries genetic information outside the nucleus.
  • DNA provides the template for RNA transcription.
  • Nucleotides are the building blocks of RNA molecules.
  • Enzymes facilitate the synthesis of RNA.

    mRNA Video

Lesson PlanPowerPointConcept Map Genetics

Concept Statements:

  • Dominant and recessive traits are inherited and passed on to offspring.
  • There are three types of dominance.
  • Gametes combine to give the offspring a full complement of chromosomes, with half coming from each parent, allowing for genetic recombination with each new generation.

Lesson PlanPowerPointConcept Map

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