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Certification & Licensure

Completion of degree requirements and graduation does not grant teacher certification. Teacher certification is granted at the state level based upon the successful completion of specified criteria. In Texas, individuals must pass two state exams to be eligible for certification (TExES Exams); one pedagogical knowledge and one content area. Obtaining teacher certification in Texas does not guarantee certification in other states. Each state has its own requirements and/or exams for teacher certification.

TExES Practice Exams: You are eligible to take practice certification exams in your content area free of charge before attempting the official state exams. Please contact the TExES Advising Office at COE-TAO@unt.edu, Matthews Hall Room 103 for further information on practice exams. You must be admitted to Teacher Education in order to take the practice exams.

Study help: www.texes.ets.org or http://pact.tarleton.edu/tcert/ or http://www.certifyteacher.com

About the State Certification (TExES) Exams: You will be required to take and pass two state certification exams each with an 80% mastery rate to obtain teacher certification. One exam will be a Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (PPR K-12) exam, and the second will be your Content exam (Math 8-12, Life Sciences 8-12, Chemistry 8-12, Physical Sciences 8-12, Physics/Math 8-12). The cost for each exam is $120. If you need help determining which exam to attempt, please visit the UNT College of Education TExES Advising Office website. It is highly recommended that you complete your certification exams prior to you apprentice teaching semester. Register for the exams at www.texes.ets.org.

*Science majors are encouraged to complete the Science 8-12 certification exam after receipt of initial content area certification.

Your Steps to Teacher Certification

  1. Create a TEA Account/Accessing TEA Account: Upon admission to the Teacher Education program at UNT, you need to create a Teacher Education Agency account and retrieve your TEA ID number from the Texas Education Agency website. You will need your TEA number to register for practice exams, exams, and to access your certification exam results.
  2. Create Your ETS Testing Account: You must have a test account in order to register for certification exams. Create a test account at the ETS TExES website.
  3. Successfully complete your required TExES Exams (see above for additional information)
  4. Apply for Certification: You must apply for certification after successful completion of your certification exams. Apply for your teacher certificate through your TEA account. A $77 fee must be paid to SBEC at the time of application.
  5. Background Check and Fingerprinting: You must submit to a background check and fingerprinting to be employed in a Texas school. The fingerprinting fee is a non-refundable $42.25 fee paid to Texas L-1 Enrollment Services at the time of appointment scheduling.
  6. Recommendation for Teacher Certification: To be recommended for teacher certification by UNT, you will need to have the following: 80% mastery of Pedagogy exam and Content exam, degree posted to transcript (4-6 weeks after graduation), and you must meet all gpa requirements: 2.5 cumulative overall, 2.5 UNT overall gpa, 2.5 major concentration gpa, 2.5 Teach North Texas minor gpa, and any other major specific gpa requirements.

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