Why TNT? | Teach North Texas

Why TNT?

"Teach North Texas has created an opportunity for me to pursue secondary education, even though I am already a senior majoring in biology. Not only did they create this opportunity, they allowed me to try 'teaching' for a semester to see if I truly liked the career of Science Teacher. I didn't like science teaching- I loved it! Not to mention that I was also reimbursed for my introductory semester! Thank You Teach North Texas!"

- Hannah Hintz, Senior Biology Major

"Teach North Texas is truly an amazing program with many opportunities in becoming a teacher and helping shape the next generation. By majoring in a science, I am able to better understand the content I am going to be teaching, and with a minor in secondary education, I will know how to teach the material. This program provides all of the tools you will need to teach the subject of your choice!"

- Neiry Inguanzo, Sophomore Biology Major

"TNT has given me the opportunity to explore and realize what I really want to do. Being a bilingual biology teacher has been my dream, and through this program, it's becoming a real possibility."

- Itxia Acevedo, Senior Biology Major

"I like the Teach North Texas program because it gives me actual field experience. My mentor teachers make sure that I am amply prepared to be an educator. Besides that, it is just fun! The Teach North Texas professors are the best teachers you could ask for. If you're even thinking about teaching, Teach North Texas is the way to go!"

- Cole Wilkinson, Senior Biology Major

"I love TNT because it allows you to go out and get real experience teaching, instead of just learning in the classroom."

- Amanda Scivally, Senior Biology Major

"I like this program because it allows me to receive hands on field experience in the teaching profession. It has really helped prepare me for teaching students."

- Chelsea Meyer, Senior Biology Major

"This program has taught me so much about teaching and how I can improve student learning. I have learned how to incorporate different styles of teaching while complying with the TEKS to make learning fun!"

- Monyca Warren, Senior Biology Major

"TNT is a great program that gets you involved in teaching early on and helps you find out if teaching is what you really want to do. The experience that you gain is very valuable and really helps make you a better teacher."

- Patrick Gustafson, Junior Chemistry Major

"I wouldn't still be considering the teaching field if I hadn't found a program like TNT that actually makes great teachers. I'm finally learning not only how playing with science can be fun, but learning science can be fun, too."

- Johnny Long, Senior Physics Major