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EDSE 4500 - Project-Based Instruction in Math, Science, and Computer Science (PBI)

Project-Based Instruction (PBI) is the capstone course in the sequence of required education courses, and is required before TNT students may complete their apprentice teaching. In Classroom Interactions, students gain experience designing a sequence of several lessons that they teach to a high school class. In PBI, students design full units of connected lessons, a skill that will be required in apprentice teaching. PBI also provides students with the experience of managing lessons and students outside of a classroom in a field setting. The name of the course belies the fact that it emphasizes more than just project-based instruction. PBI emphasizes choosing from a variety of appropriate teaching styles, dependent on the type of material and the learning objectives; project-based instruction is not the only alternative. Students incorporate various technologies into the units they plan.

This course has three essential components: the first is a theory-driven perspective accounting for what we know of how people learn. Based on the theories discussed in this course, project-based instruction may be among our most informed classroom learning environments for bridging the gap between theory and practice. The second component is technological and pedagogical content knowledge (PCK) competence that will assist the enrolled students in developing their own project-based unit. The third component is a field component consisting of two parts: 1) observation of well-implemented project-based instruction in local schools and 2) implementation of a mini project-based instruction unit with area high school students on a study trip.

To learn more about Project-Based Instruction and see examples of student work visit the PBI website.


Admission to the Teach North Texas program, a university grade point average of at least 2.50, and EDSE 4000.

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