TNTX 3100 - Conceptual Algebra and Geometry | Teach North Texas

TNTX 3100 - Conceptual Algebra and Geometry

This course will show students how to effectively utilize mathematics manipulatives in the classroom. Patterns, relationships, proportional reasoning, linear modeling, polynomials, exponential modeling, quadratic modeling, systems of equations, surface area, volume, and the Pythagorean Theorem will all be explored with the use of mathematics manipulatives. This course emphasizes hands-on learning and technology and provides content knowledge for teaching mathematics in grades 8-12. This course is not required as part of the minor curriculum. However, it is strongly recommended for Mathematics majors and will serve as three hours of your required advanced electives for your degree.


TNTX 1200, or TNTX 1300, EDSE 3500 (may be taken concurrently), and MATH 1650.

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