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Talon Teach

Talon Teach is TNT's student organization.


The purpose of the Teach North Texas student organization is to provide future teachers a place to network, discuss ideas, and create lasting relationships with each other and the University. The main objectives of the student organization are to…

1. Promote interest in teaching math and science at the secondary level

2. Provide fellowship among students, faculty, and alumni

3. Foster an academic, professional, and social environment for students at UNT desiring to become math and science secondary teachers

4. Provide a forum for the presentation of innovative ideas to the benefit of the University community.

5. Facilitate an interactive relationship between faculty, staff, alumni, and students at UNT

6. Provide networking opportunities for students at UNT with various individuals, professional organizations, agencies, and institutions that serve potential teachers

7. Facilitate and encourage the exchange of information pertinent to academic and professional issues between colleges, schools, and departments within UNT